1. Eliminating Fire Hazards From Your Home

    Fire safety is very important  in order to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. There are many common tasks in your home that you can perform to improve the fire safety of your home for you and your family. Reducing fire hazards is a pretty simple task. It is all about being conscious of what goes on inside your home. Eliminate fire hazards from your home with these household tips. E…Read More

  2. Fire Safety At Home Or At Work

    At A-Total Fire Protection, we always have your fire safety in mind. That is why we are a top rated local fire safety business in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Here are some tips to keep your building safe of fire. Smoke alarms Smoke alarms should be your number one priority when it comes to fire safety. If there is a fire in your building,he loud shriek of a smoke alarm with alert you …Read More

  3. A-Total Fire Protection Difference

    Working or living in a building that is protected from fire should be a top priority. If you live or work in a high rise building in or near San Francisco, call A-Total Fire Protection. A-Total Fire Protection is your top rated local fire protection service. They have been in the business for over forty years. They have unrivaled experience in inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire systems for …Read More

  4. Welcome to A-Total Fire Protection

    At A-Total Fire Protection, we believe in providing the best fire safety service in the industry. We have been in the business for forty-two years. We have a lot of experience inspecting, testing, and maintaining high rise buildings. Our knowledgeable fire safety staff is always available to answer any questions or help with any fire related safety issues. We never hire subcontractors because we a…Read More