In order to keep your fire hose ready for action and in great condition, it is important to familiarize yourself with the frequency of maintenance services needed on your fire safety equipment. Let us take care of the rest. A-Total Fire Protection Company provides full fire service maintenance, fire safety certification, and a fire safety inspection of your hose and all its components.

We are happy to provide the following information for your perusal. These are the National Fire Protection Association’s guidelines and standards for the testing, inspection, maintenance, use of fire hoses, couplings, and fire fighting nozzles (NFPA 1962). You can expect A-Total Fire Protection to complete your fire services adhering to these guidelines in a professional and thorough manner to ensure that your fire protection equipment is in ready condition, should the need ever arise.

Monthly Tests, Inspection and Certification

  • All Fire Hose Stations must be inspected monthly and must be equipped with 1 ½” hose and nozzle (NFPA 1962).
  • The hose should be visually checked for damage, to be sure it is properly racked in the cabinet and that the nozzle is attached. The nozzle should be in the closed position.
  • Inspect hose cabinet signs.
  • Physical inspection shall determine that the hose, couplings, and any nozzles have not been vandalized; are free of debris; and exhibit no evidence of mildew, rot, or damage by chemicals, burns, cuts, abrasion, and vermin (NFPA 1962).
  • If the hose fails the physical inspection, it shall be removed from service, repaired as necessary, and service-tested as specified in Chapter 7, or condemned (NFPA 1962).
  • The couplings shall be inspected as specified in 6.2. NFPA 1962.
  • Where nozzles are required on occupant-use hose, they shall be inspected as specified in 6.1.1., 6.1.2., 6.1.3. NFPA 1962.

Annually Tests, Inspection, and Certification

  • Remove and re-rack all standpipe hose (NFPA 1962)

Three Year Tests, Inspection, and Certification

  • Occupant use hose over 5 years old shall be service-tested (hydrostatically).

Five Year Tests, Inspection and Certification

  • Initial hydrostatic test shall be required for a new occupant use fire hose.

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