Working or living in a building that is protected from fire should be a top priority. If you live or work in a high rise building in or near San Francisco, call A-Total Fire Protection. A-Total Fire Protection is your top rated local fire protection service. They have been in the business for over forty years. They have unrivaled experience in inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire systems for high rise buildings.


At A-Total Fire Protection, we understand that life gets busy and that having your fire protection system inspected may not be your number one priority, but it is ours.  We pride ourselves on being great communicators. A fire protection specialist is always here to help you! Stop by our office or give us a call with any questions, concerns, or for a fire protection quote for your building! We never use subcontracting . You can rest assured that one of our highly experienced professionals will get the job done themselves regardless of complications. A-Total Fire Protection is also fully insured so you don’t have to be held liable for problems that have the possibility of arising during an inspection, maintenance or repair visit.


A-Total Fire Protection wants to protect you and your business or home. Let us be the fire service professionals that handle all of your fire protection needs. With our extensive experience, full insurance coverage, and a wide array of fire protection services offered, what are you waiting for? Call A-Total Fire Protection to schedule your fire protection maintenance, repair, testing, inspection, or certification  appointment today!