When it comes to fire protection and prevention, high-rise buildings face a number of challenges that other buildings do not. As California cities continue to grow ever upward, it is vital that fire protection systems and strategies are developed and kept up to date. If these issues are not addressed or accounted for, it can lead to any number of disastrous circumstances, including potential fatalities.

Unique High-Rise Fire Prevention Issues

There are a number of variables that factor into the complexity of high-rise fire prevention. Complicating factors include the demand for ever-taller buildings, more aesthetically pleasing constructions, and more environmentally friendly buildings.

Taller Buildings

Taller buildings present challenges for obvious reasons. Adequate fire protection systems for such large amounts of space can come with the risk of the system failing in certain areas, thus not triggering when needed. Other issues include running pipe throughout the building for sprinkler systems. Furthermore, the added stories necessarily mean that people have further to travel to reach safety.

Flames Climbing Higher

The easiest and fastest way for fire to spread throughout a high-rise building is to use the exterior walls. Oftentimes, high-rise exterior wall assemblies include materials that are combustible. Many of these materials are used solely for the purpose of creating an aesthetically pleasing facade, although some are designed to improve energy efficiency as well.

It isn’t very likely that the construction of high-rise buildings will slow anytime in the near future. As cities like San Francisco expand and grow, the number of people who need to work and live in the city limits will only increase. Preparing for the eventuality of more people and higher buildings can be a challenge, but it is one that is more than worthwhile. At A-Total Fire Protection, we strive to be the best in fire prevention and safety. For more information on how we can help keep your property safe, call us today.