Fire Escape Tools To Have On Hand


When trying to be proactive in case of an emergency, it is important to keep extra equipment on hand that will be helpful if an emergency were to ever occur. We hope that we will never be faced with a fire in our home, but in the event that we are, we want to be prepared. Here are a few items that you can invest in for the safety of you, your family, and your home when faced with a fire.

Fire Extinguisher

This is one of the most basic, preventative, fire safety measures that you can invest in for your San Francisco home. If a fire flares up, and has not spread you should be able to put the fire out. We recommend buying a few for your home and leaving them in areas that will be accessible, if your family should be facing a fire. Keep an extinguisher in your kitchen in case of a grease fire or incase you catch something else on fire while cooking. Additionally, place an extinguisher on each floor of your house so that no matter where you may be when you come in contact with fire you can somewhat fend off the flames. Teach your children, or other home inhabitants about the fire extinguishers including where they are located, and how to use them when needed.

Sprinkler System

This may be a bit of a more drastic fire safety precaution, but if you have the ability to have one installed in your San Francisco home, we recommend it. You can request to have an automatic sprinkler system installed in your home while it is being built or after the fact. This precaution could be the difference between life and death in the event of a fire attempting to take over your home. The system will automatically trigger when fire is sensed in order to extinguish the flames in a large area.


If you live in a two story home, it may be a smart idea to invest in a escape ladder. The last thing you want to do when trying to escape a burning building is jump out of a two story window. Having a ladder available on any upper floors of your house will make escaping that much more simple. Make sure that your ladder is made of a material that is not flammable, because having a ladder does you no good when the ladder has turned to ash. Choose a lightweight aluminum latter and store in in a closet or under a bed for easy access. You can even have a metal retractable ladder attached to the side of your home if you are really concerned about fire safety. Again makes sure that the rest of the residents of your home know where the escape ladders are located and how to use them in case of an emergency,

To learn more about fire safety precautions that you can take to protect your family and your San Francisco home, follow our blog or contact the experts at A Total Fire Protection today!