In our previous blog, we discussed the dangers of unsupervised children near fire in the kitchen or near your outdoor BBQ grill. Today we will be continuing the conversation about fire safety in your San Francisco home.


We know that you love candles. They look classy, and smell sensational. They add a nice sense of comfort and relaxation to any home, but what happens when your kids are racing around the house and knock a lit candle onto the floor? Sheer panic. Do you grab the fire extinguisher or a pitcher of water? What if you are outside gardening when it happens? Part of fire safety is monitoring any source of fire while it is on or lit. To protect your family and your San Francisco family home, we recommend only burning candles when you are around to supervise the burn, and making sure that the candle(s) are placed on a stable surface for fire safety.


Everyone loves to enjoy a cup of cocoa by the fire on a snowing December morning, but it is important if little ones are involved that they understand not to get too close to the fire, touch the glass or metal mesh because it gets hot, and will burn them. If you have a wood burning fireplace, then it is even more important to make sure that your child knows not to stick anything in the fireplace including their hands.Teaching your children about the safety of fire will hopefully prevent them from hurting themselves or catching anything on fire in your San Francisco home!