There are many precautions that can be taken to prevent fires, including supervision. One of the most important things that you can do is to supervise children, especially when around fire. They may be rather curious when it comes to an open flame, but supervision means fire safety in your San Francisco home.

The Kitchen

Don’t leave your children unattended in the kitchen, it could lead to severe burns or fire. If your child wants to cook something but does not understand how harmful fire can be, help them. It is easy for children to get burned on a stovetop or oven. Children can also catch an item on fire in the toaster or microwave. They may not be aware of rules like not putting metal in the microwave, or certain things that don’t belong in toasters. Toasters can catch on fire just as easily as any other appliance. They can also easily catch a paper towel or dish towel on fire by leaving it near an appliance with a heat source. Teach your children about fire and the threat that it can pose to their safety and your San Francisco home.

The Grill

Unless your child is going to be a master chef by the age of 13, he/she should probably not be using a grill unattended. Both propane and gas grills can get out of hand fairly quickly, causing huge flames to shoot out of the top of the grill. Without fire safety supervision, your San Francisco home could easily become charred in an instant.