At A-Total Fire Protection, we always have your fire safety in mind. That is why we are a top rated local fire safety business in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Here are some tips to keep your building safe of fire.

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms should be your number one priority when it comes to fire safety. If there is a fire in your building,he loud shriek of a smoke alarm with alert you of the danger immediately. Smoke detectors should be installed on high walls or ceilings because smoke rises. Smoke alarms should be placed on the ceilings or high walls in and around any room that is not a kitchen. Smoke alarms in kitchens can sometimes be triggered by cooking. You should also test your smoke alarms every month by using the “Test” button.  Be sure that you are replacing the batteries in your alarms when they get low, because a smoke alarm with no or dead batteries will do you no good.

Fire extinguisher

To keep yourself safe in the event of a fire, A- Total Fire Protection also recommends having a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers should be kept in your house or office at all times. Install it in your kitchen, and use it in the event of a fire. Never allow a child to use a fire extinguisher. To use the extinguisher, simply execute the PASS method. Pull the pin, aim the nozzle at the base of the flames, and squeeze the trigger. Then move the extinguisher back and forth across the flames.