1. About Standpipe Systems

    Standpipes are a vital tool in the prevention of fires in high-rise structures. These systems consist of pipes that connect a water supply to a hose connection. It might be useful to think of these systems as an extension of a fire hydrant system. Many also include a sprinkler element. Standpipe systems are designed specifically to provide fire protection water to hose lines placed in strategic l…Read More

  2. Unique High-Rise Fire Protection Challenges

    When it comes to fire protection and prevention, high-rise buildings face a number of challenges that other buildings do not. As California cities continue to grow ever upward, it is vital that fire protection systems and strategies are developed and kept up to date. If these issues are not addressed or accounted for, it can lead to any number of disastrous circumstances, including potential fatal…Read More

  3. A-Total Fire Protection Difference

    Working or living in a building that is protected from fire should be a top priority. If you live or work in a high rise building in or near San Francisco, call A-Total Fire Protection. A-Total Fire Protection is your top rated local fire protection service. They have been in the business for over forty years. They have unrivaled experience in inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire systems for …Read More